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Gold Layered & Lifetime Warranty Information


What makes Moggied's Jewellery stand out in the crowd? I think once you read on you'll understand why we have retained our customers who come back and purchase from us year after year!

What is 24kt Gold Layered Jewellery - Using the very latest in Hi-Tec process' Moggied's fabulous 24kt Gold Layered jewellery has been created to the extremely high standards coveted by Artisans. Our Gold Illusion jewellery is crafted from several layers of genuine 24kt GOLD @20 mils thick which have been artfully bonded and layered onto an inner base of high quality jewellers’ metals. Several thick layers of genuine 14kt GOLD are then bonded on top so the jewelry then has the 14kt colour. The items are then sealed with Moggied's Trademarked Gold-Illusion™ anti tarnish coating for a hardwearing scratch resistant finish

Is it Gold Layered? Gold Plate? Gold Filled? Solid Gold Layered?

All that Glitters is NOT Gold and despite so many fraudulent claims of plated jewellery being Gold Filled or Solid Gold Layered, as some of the not so honest websites claim their products to be. You need to understand why these sites make such wild and woolly claims. Unfortunately because they don't have faith in the quality of the manufacture of their products huge fibs of the thickness of gold applied to only their jewellery.... Is the gold 25 mils, 90mils, 100 microns or 500 microns thick? These weird and wonderful gold weights are a major ‘furphy’ to trick you onto parting with your money and only purchase from them… Just to set  the record straight our product from Moggied’s manufacture applies gold @20 mils thick.

Gold Layered: Moggied's 24kt Gold Layered jewellery is crafted from layers of Genuine 24kt GOLD which have been artfully bonded and layered onto an inner base of high quality jewellers metals. Several thick layers of genuine 14kt GOLD are then bonded on top so the jewelry then has the 14kt colour. The items are then sealed with Moggied's Trademarked Gold-Illusion™ anti tarnish coating for a hardwearing scratch resistant finish. The thickness of gold and the number of processes will vary from one manufacturer to another.

Gold Plate: Gold plating is a process where a mixture of liquid gold and chemicals are placed in a vat and applied to a base jewellery item via an electrical current being charged through the liquid. The process can be repeated as many times as thickness required and the item is then baked.

Gold Filled: The Legal definition of Gold Filled is: 'an item made of a base metal and covered by a sheet of gold, at least 10k quality. The gold is bonded to the base metal by a mechanical process such as soldering or pressure rather than electroplating. The weight of the karat gold covering must be at least 1/20 of the total weight of the article.'

Solid Gold Layered: The term in its self is an oxymoron.  How can something be solid and layered at the same time? I don't think so...

Each and every process has a place in the costume jewellery world. The true test of value for money is not in the purchase price but in the replacement warranty being offered, if indeed a warranty at all is given. Only Moggied's Illusion Gold jewellery has a Genuine Written Manufacturer's Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Moggied’s Manufacturer’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty offers the best value on the entire WEB. Those items in our 24kt Gold Layered products *range have a Manufacturer’s Written Replacement Warranty against tarnish, wear, and defect upon purchase. So if for any reason your item doesn’t keep its original good looks just send it back to us (as per the warrantry prelacement proceedure below) and we will organize a replacement from the Manufacturer no questions asked. You may return the goods for replacement as often and as many times as required and you only pay for postage. Please do not lose your guarantee slip and invoice as this is your proof of purchase. 

Warranty Replacement Proceedure 

Australian Residents:

Please post the item & written warranty back to us via Registered post* to ensure it arrives safely & also enclose a **Pre-Paid Registered, Stamped & self addressed envelope to: 

PO Box 405
Labrador QLD 4215

*Please ensure that any & all warranty returns are sent back to us via Registered post or another method that has tracking facilities.  This is to ensure that items are received by Moggied's & will safe-guard yourself for items being lost in the post. We must receive the item back in order for a warranty replacement to be sent.  

**Please also ensure that a Registered, Stamped & Self addressed envelope is also enclosed with any warranty returns ...Failure to do so will result in a delay in processing your replacement & a $7.00 paypal invoice will be sent to you for the return shipping costs before your replacement is sent out to you.  

International Residents:

For our customers located outside Australia, please make sure that your return delivery address & details are filled out on the Warranty & enclose the warranty along with the item & send it by Registered/Recorded mail to Moggied's at the address below.  Please also send a payment of AU$9.50 via paypal to: shopping@moggied.com being for the cost of return postage via regular airmail* delivery of your replacement item. If you would like your item sent back to you via Registered/ Recorded mail instead of regular airmail delivery, the return postage cost is AU$26.95 to the UK, USA & Canada, or AU$29.00 to the rest of the world.

Po Box 405
Labrador QLD 4215

*Regular airmail delivery DOES NOT have any tracking facilities or insurance cover & if you choose to have your items sent back via this method, Moggied's are not liable for warranty returns being lost in transit. Warranty replacements being sent back by Registered/Recorded mail will have either Tracking facilities &/or insurance cover (depending on your location), so the item will either be able to be tracked online, or have insurance cover should your item not arrive.

How to Care for your 24kt Gold Layered Jewellery:

When you receive your 24kt Gold Layered item from Moggie d's Illusion Jewellery Range it will be bright shiny and beautiful.. We believe that the manufacture process and raw materials used for our jewellery is the finest available. But, at the end of the day it is officially classified as costume jewellery and as such should be worn with care.Although the greater majority of our Illusion Jewellery does have a Manufacturers Lifetime Replacement Warranty the inconvenience of loosing the item albeit a short time can be avoided... If you take these precautionary steps the downtime of wearing your lovely piece whilst waiting for a replacement will be reduced.

To prolong the life of your Illusion Jewellery Item Please Do Not

Whilst doing heavy or dirty work 

Being in contact with strong chemicals or detergents, ie swimming, surfing or on the beach, or having hair bleached or dyed

Should not be worn every day 

Not sleep whilst wearing the item 

Not wear the item if it is exposed to household other other chemicals 

Not to be worn it wearer is: A) Allergic to certain metals B) Cannot abide by our recommendations

Not to be worn whilst wearer undertakes manual labour 

Not to be worn when exercising or if excessive perspiring or sweating 

Right that's all the negatives out of the way, now how to care for your jewellery With the exception of the items that do contain certain natural stones (such as jade, pearls, coral, etc.) this is how we recommend you maintain your pieces of Moggie d's Illusion Jewellery;

Immerse the jewellery in a highly diluted warm detergent

Rinse the jewellery clean under a warm water tap. 

Rinse the jewellery once again in a separate glass or plastic container in a soapy water solution

then, thoroughly rinse the jewellery again under the warm water tap, then...

Towel dry and leave your jewellery on the towel... 

Finally blow-dry the jewellery with your hair dryer, being sure to blow under or behind the stones. Do not hold while blow-drying.

Your jewellery should now look stunning!

All water (except certain bottled waters) contains many minerals that, when allowed to air dry, will deposit a tiny residue on the surface that eventually dulls that surface of the jewellery. By evaporating all moisture from the jewellery immediately with your hair dryer you also dispose of the mineral dulling problem.

Please Note:

If you are sensitive to costume jewellery, we recommend that you take care when wearing the jewellery for prolonged periods of time. If you are extremely allergic or sensitive to metals we recommend you do not purchase any costume jewellery but stick to solid 925 silver or pure gold instead, although this doesn't always ensure that you won't have any reaction.

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